Valet Waste Services

Give your tenants the convenience of daily trash service right at their doors.
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Value of a Service

Our company's founder, James, resided in an apartment community for eight years. During that time, he lugged trash across the property in the heat, and he lugged trash across the property in the cold. He saw the horror of garbage spilling from a tear in the liner in the middle of the parking lot. He also experienced the joy of leaky liners dripping all over the interior of his car. James was grateful to the property's management team when they brought on a Valet Trash service.

Resident Benefits

The best amenities provide services of which all residents can take advantage. Nightly valet trash collections provide a great example of such a service.


Winters bring snow to the Metro Area quite a bit. Valet Trash services mean your residents never have to slip on black ice.


No one wants to taxi their garbage around the property before work, and certainly not after.


Minimize trash left around or bulging out of compactors and dumpsters. Our staff makes sure the garbage finds its way inside the container.

3 Easy Steps for Residents

01 Tie Off

Ensure all trash is bagged, tied off, and inside the bin. Cardboard boxes can be broken down as well.

02 Set Out

Set the bin outside the door. Cardboard boxes that don't fit the bin can be wedged between the bin and wall.

03 Bring In

Our team will collect the trash after 8:00pm. Tenants bring their bins back in by noon the next day.

Suggested Plans

We create plans to provide a guide for property managers to easily make a decision on the level of service that would be most appropriate for their residents. Prices are per unit on a monthly basis.



The basic service runs Sunday through Thursday. Rule violations are billed to the property.

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Collections occur seven days a week, excepting a handful of holidays. Rule violations are up to the discretion of the property manager.

Great Value


Collections are performed seven days a week and a part-time janitorial staff member is assigned to the property.

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