Valet Trash Service

Apartments, Condos, and Multifamily Properties

Our Valet Trash service adds great value to multifamily properties. While we take care of residents' rubbish, they are free to do what they really want like spend more time with friends and family.

Resident Benefits

The greatest amenities offer residents services that can be used by all residents. Unlike fitness rooms and swimming pools, all residents can take advantage of our service with the smallest use of time and energy.

  • No more hauling trash through rain or snow.
  • No more dangerous or embarrasing slips.
  • No more picking up after torn bags.
  • No more toting or transporting leaky bags.

How The Property Benefits

Valet Trash services add great value and convenience to property managers and on-site staff. In addition to contributing to the property's bottom line, the service adds time savings for staff by alleviating the need to pick up litter or clean up after trash spills.

  • Greatly reduce litter for staff to pick up.
  • Reduce liability from injury around dumpsters.
  • Reduce pests like rodents and carrion birds.
  • Add to your property's bottom line.

Value Bundles

We have compiled a few bundles that we think would suit most properties, but our services are extremely customizable. If you would like an alternate amalgamation of the features, please contact us.


Keep it Simple

$35.00 /unit
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Sunday-Thursday
  • Black Receptacles
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Keep it Simple

$35.00 /unit
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Sunday-Thursday
  • Black Receptacles
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Comfort Zone

The best to start

$45.00 /unit
  • Basic+
  • Check Grounds
  • 12 Month Phase-In
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Bells and Whistles

Include All Options

$55.00 /unit
  • Comfort Zone+
  • 7 Days a Week
  • Premium Receptacles
  • Dumpster Cleanings
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To better meet the needs of your property, we can modify several features of our services.


Tell us which days of the week you would like us to come out.


Save by starting unit payments as leases renew.

Litter Patrol

Our team will patrol the grounds for wayward rubbish.


We have two classes of receptacles from which to choose.

Invoice Frequency

As a convenience, we are able to invoice monthly or yearly.

Liner Replacement

We will replace the trash liners after pick up.

Service Term

Can be monthly or yearly.

Dumpster Cleaning

We will clean the area in and around the dumpster.